Graphic design can be a gateway to great experiences, educational opportunities and inspirational moments. In this blog, David shares stories, advice and musings from his life and career to entertain, motivate and inspire.

  • Steps For Getting Ahead
    Steps for Getting Ahead I have been working and paving my own way consistently since high school. I’ve worked hard and saved some money but I’ve also floundered, lost my way and had to ask for help at times. By no means did I accomplish my goals and achievements alone. There is a huge network (Read More)
  • I'm A Designer. I Can Do Anything.
    I’m A Designer. I Can Do Anything. To me, design isn’t a profession, it’s a way of seeing and thinking to create whatever I can dream up with the resources I have. Writing a sentence, designing a business card, making dinner, managing people or remodeling a room in my house; it’s all design. Each of (Read More)
  • Can Creativity Be Learned?
    Can Creativity Be Learned? Throughout college I struggled to find an answer to this question. Looking around the classroom, it felt as if my classmates had been born with much more creativity than I had. “That must be it.” I thought to myself. “Why else is their work so much better than mine?” I figured (Read More)