I'm A Designer. I Can Do Anything.

To me, design isn’t a profession, it’s a way of seeing and thinking to create whatever I can dream up with the resources I have. Writing a sentence, designing a business card, making dinner, managing people or remodeling a room in my house; it’s all design.

Each of those scenarios is a problem that needs to be solved. The solutions come from just making a plan to solve them, taking action and following through. The word ‘design’ itself literally means planning with a purpose (look it up).

As you know though, plans don’t always go accordingly. I have to be open to not knowing how a project will end up and have confidence that, when finished, it will be everything I expected it to be.

A while ago when asked by co-workers “can you do this?” my automatic reply to them was, “Of course, I’m a designer. I can do anything!” This was not spoken to brag but rather to get a chuckle out of them. It worked. However, after saying it a few more times in various situations it became more of a mantra for myself that actually helped give me confidence before digging into a project. And now it’s something that I’ve completely come to believe in.

I am only limited by my imagination, and my imagination is endless so there are no limits. Anything goes. I just have to start and see how it ends up.

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