The process outlined below ensures that we arrive at a proper solution for your project to capture the eyes, hearts, and minds of your audience.

1. Information

Good design starts with good relationships. The first step is to get to know your company, the specific goals, and desired outcomes for your project. The answers provided help determine if there is a good fit for working together and hone in on the main goals of the project to keep things focused and on track throughout.

This informational interview works best when conducted in-person, over-the-phone or video, but can also be carried out over email if preferred due to scheduling conflicts. This info will be worked up into a proposal presented for review and approval before any work begins.

2. Research

Once the proposal is approved, the next phase includes studying and exploring your business, history, competition, target audience, and market conditions. This work provides the insights and knowledge needed for brainstorming ideas to begin creating a design specific and unique to your company while meeting the agreed upon goals for a successful outcome.

3. Design

In the design phase, the sketch book comes out and ideas are put down on paper after the research has been gathered, presented and approved. Good ideas, bad ideas and anything in between are explored to find the best approach for solving the problem. The strongest designs will then go on for further refinement and mock-up creation.

4. Review

The best ideas from the design phase will be presented for review either in-person, on video or over-the-phone. Typically only one or two versions are presented; three at the most as more than three options often leads to confusion and indecision.

Feedback during this phase must be kept inline with the outlined goals from the agreed upon proposal.

5. Delivery

After all designs are approved and final payment received, the design files will be created and sent off to you, your printer or webmaster, in the required file formats according to what was outlined in the design proposal. At this point the project is done and you can watch your new design set forth into the world.

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