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Central Massachusetts is home to a thriving small business community. From one person shops operating out of their homes to companies with a few hundred employees and multiple locations, it’s a diverse and supportive group of creatively talented people who all have a story to tell. Each month this blog gives one of these businesses a chance to share their story to help others on the same path looking for some insider tips to grow their business.

This month we welcome Gina Ahtof of Promo Print Plus.

Gina Ahtof is the owner of Promo Print Plus in Worcester, MA. Her company provides concierge-level service to business owners looking for quality branded promotional items. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Gina brings a critical eye and extensive knowledge to every project, helping her customers build relationships, impress their clients, and save tons of time and money by finding the perfect promo item for their needs. Her extensive connections with other business owners and vendors in the area make Promo Print Plus the Central Massachusetts area’s go-to company for all your promotional items and marketing supplies. In addition to taking care of her customers, Gina is also the host of the Empowered Entrepreneur podcast where she holds discussions with guests about honesty and authenticity in the world of marketing.

In this interview you’ll learn:

• The key to successful marketing campaigns
• Why promotional items are not just about “things”
• How to keep consistently focused on growing a business

1. What got you to where you are today?

Determination got me to where I am. I experienced some major life changes before I started my business. I wasn’t sure how to utilize my skill set to craft a life that was fulfilling and filled with joy. People told me that I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted and that it wasn’t possible. I am tenacious and patient and will keep working until I get to my goals.

2. How do you stay motivated to keep on your path?

I’m motivated by helping people. I like the challenge of problem-solving for my clients and ultimately helping with a marketing campaign that will grow their businesses and revenue. It brings me joy when my clients’ goals are realized.

3. What has been your most successful marketing strategy? What keeps people coming back for more?

Building relationships is the key to successful marketing campaigns. Thinking of who your ideal customer is and speaking directly to them in your materials, social media, and promo products will always be a win.

4. How do you set yourself apart from others in your industry?

Most of the people in my industry are extremely transactional. The customer has an idea of what they want and the promo person finds those items. I focus on building relationships, not “things”. I help my clients identify their ideal customers and what will make them feel special and seen. I ask a lot of questions and make certain that the marketing materials connect with the ultimate customer, therefore, building relationships.

5. What is the best advice you’ve received when starting out?

You can’t be perfect so stop trying. I wanted to start a podcast but knew nothing about that specifically. I started doing research and was handicapped by the amount of information available, so I just started recording and decided to figure it out as I went. It was a great way to start.

6. Is there a local business, organization, or person that inspires your work? How do they inspire you?

There are many that inspire me. I do a lot of networking and appreciate the hustle of many of my colleagues. Alex Valle from Your CBD Store in Worcester, Jennifer Hernandez from GEM Marketing, and Bri Cole from Bri’s Sweet Treats all embody the work ethic and tenacity that I admire in others!

7. What do you enjoy most about being located in the Worcester/Central Mass area?

I was born and raised in Worcester. To be honest, when I left for college, I didn’t think I’d be back here. Circumstances brought me back and I’m so excited for the boom that this area is experiencing! It’s wonderful to see all of the new business starting here in the wake of the Polar Park addition. Also, we’re centrally located, so we’re close to all of the hubs. I love living here now!

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