29 Questions to Help You Discover Your Small Business Brand Identity

Before you start to creating a new logo in Canva or revamping your brand identity for your small business, you’ll need a solid foundation to help direct your goals before any sketch or design process starts.

Below is a list of the actual questions that I ask clients before starting any brand identity design project. The answers to these question help everyone involved gain a better understanding of the business for the design outcome.

The answers to these questions are used to help guide the design process throughout the project and establish a set of goals to meet your project’s objective.

To get the best results your answers to these questions should provide as much information as possible as you never know what bit of knowledge given will lead to the best design solution.



  1. What is the name of your company?
  2. What is your company tag-line or slogan, if any?
  3. What products or services does your business offer?
  4. How do you expect your project to affect or generate growth/sales, if at all?
  5. What is your company’s history or unique story that you’d like to tell your audience?
  6. Describe your company using only one sentence.
  7. What are your company goals in the next few years?
  8. What reasons are you in need of this project?
  9. Why is the old version no longer working for you?
  10. Where will this project be used?
  11. What would be the ideal outcome for this project?
  12. What purpose do you hope it achieves?
  13. What would failure look like?
  14. Who in your company will be involved in this project?
  15. Who has final approval?
  16. What is your budget for this project?
  17. What is the deadline or time frame you need this project completed by?
  18. Who are your main competitors?
  19. What makes you stand out from your competition?
  20. Who is your target audience for this project?
  21. Describe your ideal customer. Explain their tastes, lifestyle, what they look like, what are their hobbies are. Anything and everything that gives an idea of who your typical type of customer is.
  22. What is the main message you want your target audience to walk away with after working with your company?
  23. Why should your audience choose you instead of your competition?
  24. What are some words that you’d want your audience to associate with your company?
  25. What words don’t you want your audience to associate with your company?
  26. What brands or logos, regardless of industry, capture a similar look and feel that you have in mind?
  27. Do you have any current branding, marketing materials to provide for review?
  28. Are there any fonts, colors, images or icons that you have in mind to use for this project?
  29. Are there any fonts, colors, images or icons that you’d like to avoid using?

Drop me a line if you have any questions or would like help with any of this.

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