Benny's Bar & Grill

Logo and branding design for 1940s-style inspired restaurant and bar with a standard fare American-style menu.

To help bring the concept together, a simple black and white logo was developed taking inspiration from old movie posters, film, and signage of that era.

The simplicity of the logo allowed for it to be easily provided to vendors for quick application on various marketing and branding collateral found throughout the restaurant, from signage, menus, shirts, coasters, and pint glasses.

From the client...

“David has provided my restaurants with graphic art and marketing services for over 10 years. David is extremely creative and has the innate ability to take my vision and produce marketing and advertising products that truly deliver the intended message. David’s artistic ability combined with his marketing sense streamlines the entire process. What I find most impressive about David is that he is extremely patient and he takes the time to understand my marketing goals and is a pleasure to work with.”

– Ben Fischer, Benny’s Bar & Grill

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