Broadway In Worcester

Logo and brand identity for a new initiative bringing Broadway performers to Central Massachusetts.

Broadway In Worcester aims to bridge a gap by bringing Broadway talent to the Central Massachusetts area. This objective was at the forefront of the initial planning phase for the new brand identity. In addition to bringing awareness to local audiences, the logo and brand needed to convey the sense of excitement and joy that the performances will bring to the audiences.

Immediately recognizable as a Broadway organization, the new identity takes a simplistic, straightforward approach while elevating the look of typical Broadway signage, bringing a NYC feel to the Worcester organization without being over-the-top or kitschy.

Inspiration for the brand elements came from the lights and stage of Broadway itself. With a focus on the performers, the concept of a moving spotlight is represented by circles of various colors, sizes, and positions. The circle also provides a frame to hold the provided headshot from the performer, creating different templates that all work together for ease of use with a single image.

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