Meltdown Creationz Logo & Website

Meltdown Creationz by Christina is a local candle company based in Worcester, MA offering a variety of scented handmade soy wax candles. With a focus on providing excellent customer service, a new e-commerce website, updated logo and brand identity were needed for continued growth.

From initial conversations it was clear that there was a deep passion for creating these candles as well as creating the business itself, all rooted in a desire to help others. These central ideas of love, passion and togetherness were the starting point for creating the new identity design.

The icon of the heart shape in the logo is made up of two upside-down overlapping flames representing the combining of materials in the candle creation process and the idea of coming together as one to help others. The gold, orange and red colors evoke the passion and energy that drives the business forward.  

Design & Branding: David Gorham
Candle Photography: Christina Price